Tax Dept.

After January 1, 2018, all Village of New Washington tax payments and tax forms, for current and prior tax years are to be sent to the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA). We encourage you to utilize RITA’s electronic filing and payment system as it is fast, simple to use, secure and free to use. The online portal can be located @

For those wishing to utilize the mail, the remittance address for our secure lockbox center is:

  • RITA
  • P.O. Box 477900
  • Broadview Heights, Ohio   44147-790

Income Tax Rate = 1.5%
Income Tax Credit = .75% or (3/4 of 1%)

Village Ordinance TITLE NINE – Taxation  

Annual Reconciliation FormW-3

Form 1 Employer Withholding Payment


2013 Income Tax Return

2014 Income Tax Return

2015 Income Tax Return

2016 Income Tax Return

RITA Tax Letter from the Mayor